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Drain R Us Plumbing specializes in top-tier re-drain services, designed to keep your plumbing systems operating optimally. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and sophisticated methods, our skilled team excels in removing obstructions and enhancing drainage efficiency. We focus exclusively on re-drain solutions, aiming to upgrade and preserve your plumbing infrastructure while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities. Whether dealing with slow-moving sinks or blocked sewer lines, our services are tailored for swift and effective resolution of any drainage challenge.
Covering everything from standard drain cleaning to full re-drain services for a complete plumbing system refresh.
Utilizing the latest in drain cleaning
and re-drain technology for superior service.
Our professionals bring extensive experience in both drain maintenance and comprehensive e-drain procedures.
Committed to clear, upfront costs for all our services without any surprise fees.

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OUR SERVICESTrusted Solutions for
Re-Drain Needs

Disruptions caused by blocked or aging drainage systems can significantly impact your routine. Drains R Us is here to address these challenges, offering both swift obstruction removal and comprehensive re-drain services to revitalize outdated or deteriorating drainage systems. Our approach is twofold: we quickly eliminate existing clogs and employ preventive strategies to refresh your plumbing, ensuring it remains free from future blockages.
Rapid Response: Quick action on both drain cleaning and re-drain services to address your needs promptly.
Lasting Outcomes: Our cleaning and re-drain methods are designed to provide enduring results, ensuring your drains remain clear.
Reliable Service: Excellence in service delivery, giving you confidence in the dependability of your plumbing system.
What are professional re-drain services?

Professional re-drain services involve clearing blockages and upgrading the drainage system to ensure optimal function and prevent future issues.

What is the cost of re-drain services?

The cost of re-drain services varies widely, depending on the complexity of the job and geographic location, typically ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars.

How often are re-drain services recommended?

Re-drain services are recommended annually for maintenance, or more frequently in the case of frequent clogs or older plumbing systems.

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Obi Juan Kenobi

4 years ago

It’s early Sunday morning, on a busy Holiday weekend (Thanksgiving). Whole family is in town, and the toilets decide to back up! Who do you call? Better call Saul! at Drains R Us! He was at my moms place in 30 minutes from my phone call. And had our drains cleaned up in under an hour. A big thanks for Saul for saving the day! Fast, efficient, and professional!

lawrence rossen

6 weeks ago

I don’t like paying up front for something that I don’t know what they’re doing and that’s what they wanted me to do is ever good job but that’s not the point I think I was overcharged


2 year ago

Highly recommend .. very dependable and reasonable price..thank you Lace and crew for your help going through this process plumber in town..!!