Complete Sink and Shower Solutions

Specialized Sink and Shower
Installation and Repair

At Drain R Us Plumbing, we offer a full suite of services tailored
to sinks and showers, ensuring your fixtures are installed and
functioning with excellence. Our team is equipped with the
latest tools and expertise to handle everything from
straightforward installations to complex repairs, covering
both residential and commercial needs. Whether it’s a modern
shower setup or an efficient sink system you’re after, we’ve
got the know-how to ensure optimal performance with
minimal disruption to your daily life.
Expert installation services for all models of sinks
and showers, ensuring perfect fit and functionality.
From leaky faucets to showerhead
replacements, we provide comprehensive
repair and upgrade options.
Our seasoned professionals are adept
in the nuances of both sink and
shower maintenance.
We believe in transparent pricing,
providing detailed estimates
without hidden costs.

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OUR SERVICESExpert Solutions for
Sinks and Showers

The inconvenience of a malfunctioning sink or a problematic shower can throw off your routine. That's why Drains R Us provides prompt and dependable repair services, as well as meticulous installations for new builds or renovations. Our approach not only resolves current issues but also aims to enhance the longevity and performance of your fixtures, ensuring lasting quality and satisfaction.
Swift Service: Fast and efficient handling of installation and repair calls to restore your fixtures quickly.
Durable Results: We focus on repairs and installations that stand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent fixes.
Guaranteed Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our goal, with every task performed to the highest standard.
What does sink and shower installation and repair involve?

Answer: Installation includes fitting new fixtures and connecting them to your plumbing system, while repair may involve fixing leaks, unclogging drains, or replacing parts to ensure smooth operation.

How much do sink and shower installation and repair services cost?

Answer: The cost can vary based on the complexity of the installation or the nature of the repair. We provide upfront, competitive pricing tailored to your specific project.

How often should sinks and showers be serviced?

Answer: Regular maintenance can prevent major issues. While servicing frequency depends on usage, we generally recommend inspecting and servicing your fixtures at least once a year or as needed.

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Drains R Us offers experienced, reliable service with
a focus on customer satisfaction and cost-effective,
efficient plumbing solutions.


If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you!


We office from home so no price hikes.


Rapid-response plumbing services with flexible financing options available.


Guarantee on quality of workmanship for all work performed.

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Obi Juan Kenobi

4 years ago

It’s early Sunday morning, on a busy Holiday weekend (Thanksgiving). Whole family is in town, and the toilets decide to back up! Who do you call? Better call Saul! at Drains R Us! He was at my moms place in 30 minutes from my phone call. And had our drains cleaned up in under an hour. A big thanks for Saul for saving the day! Fast, efficient, and professional!

lawrence rossen

6 weeks ago

I don’t like paying up front for something that I don’t know what they’re doing and that’s what they wanted me to do is ever good job but that’s not the point I think I was overcharged


2 year ago

Highly recommend .. very dependable and reasonable price..thank you Lace and crew for your help going through this process plumber in town..!!